Sheer Perfections

The English summer may not be up to much, but you’ll want to get your body beach-ready in preparation for when the sun does actually shine, especially if you’re heading to a sunny destination or possibly looking to get a spray tan.

Our waxing services are ideal for everyone! Both for regulars and one-off treatments. Our helpful menu of wax treatments (please see table below) is comprehensive wherever there’s hair you don’t want, we’ve got you covered. We can wax your eyebrows to the perfect shape to frame your eyes. We can also wax upper lips to get rid of pesky moustache lines, and if you’ve get a few hairs sprouting on your chin, we can deal with them too.

We also offer waxing services for guys too!

Leg waxing is one of the most common processes in the salon (half and full legs). If you’re cursed with darker body hair we offer a full or half arm wax; beach bunnies and swimmers can take advantage of our bikini waxes so you’ll be ready to show off that gorgeous new swimsuit. Plus, if you want a Brazilian, we can do that too. We would also advise to get a wax treatment completed before a spray tan so that your tan can last longer.

Our prices are very competitive and affordable, meaning that you can enjoy a smooth body without breaking the bank. We will be able help explain the process, including any pre-care tips and advise with how to best take care of your skin after a wax treatment. Ready to go? Click here to book a wax treatment today.

If you have any questions about waxing, you should read our helpful guide.