Grouped Face Shapes

What Hairstyle Suits Your Face Shape?

If you’ve ever tried to emulate a hairstyle that you love, but ended up disappointed with the final result, it’s probably because your face doesn’t suit the style. The key to choosing the right hairstyle is to understand the shape of your face and to choose a style that compliments your face shape and that helps to accentuate your features. What looks great on someone with a square face shape may not look as good as someone with a diamond face shape.


At Sheer Perfections, our stylists offer you advice and recommendations to ensure you love your hairstyle and that it suits you perfectly. We’ve put together a handy guide with hints and tips so that you know what to look for in your next haircut, based on your face shape.


Different Face Shapes

Face Shapes

The first thing to determine is the shape of your face. You’ll need to look at key facial features to decide on your face shape and you may even need to ask a friend or family for a second opinion. There are three main things to consider when determining your face shape. At what point is your face at its widest? What shape is your jaw? How long is your face? With this in mind, we’ve included some of the key characteristics of each face shape below, courtesy of Style Craze.

Square Shape Face Hairstyle



Square – If your face length, forehead width, jaw width and cheekbone width are all about the same then you likely have a square face.



Heart with Face



Heart – A heart-shaped face is normally wider at the forehead than the cheekbones and jawline. The chin is pointed, hence the comparisons to a heart shape.



Rectangle Shape Face Hairstyle



Rectangle/Oblong – A rectangle, or oblong, face is similar to a square face. The key difference is that the length of the face exceeds the width of the other features.



Diamond Shape Face Hairstyle



Diamond – If your forehead and jaw are narrower than your cheekbones, you have a diamond-shaped face.




Round Shape Face Hairstyle



Round – The width of the cheekbones and face length are normally about the same and wider than the forehead and jawline.



Oval Shape Face Hairstyle



Oval – Your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is wider than your jawline. The angle of the chin is a softer rounded shape.


What hairstyle should I be choosing?

Once you’ve determined the shape of your face, you can then start to think about which styles best suit it. Complimenting your face with a hairstyle is all about accentuating your key features and drawing attention away from other areas.


Square Shape Face Hairstyle


Square – If you have a square face you should consider styles that soften the jaw. To do this pick styles that are a little longer and go past the jaw. It is possible to pull off a short hairstyle as long as you ensure there’s lots of texture.

Celebrity inspiration: Rihanna, Emily Deschanel and Natalie Portman.



Heart with Face


Heart – The key to a heart-shaped face is to balance the proportions. Having layers around your cheekbones adds length to your face and width to your jaw, which is the goal when you have a heart-shaped face. Keeping your hair at around shoulder length also helps to accentuate your features.

Celebrity inspiration: Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria.


Rectangle Shape Face Hairstyle


Rectangle/Oblong – Long rectangular faces are flattered by flowing layers that compliment their bone structure. The volume that layers add allows you to accentuate your favourite features.

Celebrity inspiration: Liv Tyler, Victoria Beckham and Carrie Underwood.



Diamond Shape Face Hairstyle


Diamond – Great care needs to be taken with proportions when choosing a hairstyle for an angular diamond face. Bobs and shoulder-length cuts generally work quite well, as does the inclusion of layers. The goal with a diamond face is to reduce the width of the cheekbones.

Celebrity inspiration: Tyra Banks, Keira Knightley and Megan Fox.


Round Shape Face Hairstyle


Round – A round face usually has quite feminine features which gives you the option of going for a short cut. A centre parting and volume can help to slim your face if that’s your goal.

Celebrity inspiration: Mila Kunis, Ginnifer Goodwin and Emma Stone.



Oval Shape Face Hairstyle


Oval – Oval shaped faces are one of the most versatile. You can be very creative with the styles you choose as your face shape is very forgiving. Despite this, you should try to ensure that you keep the symmetry of your face.

Celebrity inspiration: Beyonce, Elle Macpherson and Uma Thurman.  


Choose a New Look

The shape of your face shouldn’t limit your choice of hairstyle, but following this sort of guide should give you a good idea of looks that will compliment your face. If you’d like some tailored advice and recommendations our experienced stylists are always happy to help. To book your appointment please call the salon on 01933 222 228 or book online.